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anniversary of a water shed moment in our nation's history, here is a picture now from washington, dc, and you can see oprah is speaking at this very moment and it is raining because you can see the umbrellas. president obama and civil rights activists can demands are gathering at the lincoln memorial mark, the 1963 march on washington led by dr. martin luther king jr. early today, leap rhymes sang "amazing grace." ♪ amazing grace ♪ how sweet the sound jamie foxx and al sharpton also spoke this morning. >> abc7 news is joined by our reporter in washington, dc. >> good morning, that is oprah winfrey talking behind me and it is a tall order to try to speak as she is speaking but right now you can see that the people have all their eyes on oprah. it seems like this maybe was a little bit slow to get going but it is very humid here and this has been a lot of rain and people have to go through security checkpoints in order to come out here but, now, this is a crowd that is excited and eagerly awaiting remarks from president obama. it is impossible to miss the symbolism of the nation's first bla
know, with iraq and the attacks on the terrorist targets. it's the way washington is unfortunately. that those leaks come out. i guess it's part and parcel of the way our open government works and the nature of what happened in d.c. >> thank you, general, for joining us this morning. in our next hour we'll talk about the u.s. options in syria with the chairman of the senate foreign relations committee. senator men nen doesendez will join us. >>> a military jury needed just two hours yesterday to decide on a death sentence for major hasan, the ft. hood gunman. he admitted killing 13 people and did not defend himself at his trial. he said he acted to protect islamic fighters overseas. he will be the first american soldier to be executed in more than 50 years. >>> firefighters in california's syriaear sierra nevada are gaining ground this morning on the rim fire in yosemite national park. video shows just how big this fire is. yesterday, the flames forced park officials to close the main entrance on yosemite's east side. the fire is now 30% contained this morning.
of converging -- thousands are converging on the nation's capital to reenact the famous march on washington. tomorrow marks the 50th anniversary. we sat down with one family who wrote the bus to d.c. on that day in 1963. chambers still remember's the song she sang 50 years ago. ♪ songs that served as the soundtrack of her experience and thousands of others on the march on washington. ♪ oh freedom she kept her music sheet and plenty of other memorabilia. like his organizing manual featuring the event lineup. and other icons of the civil rights movement. she made sure she had her front seat. >> i was standing down from where the speaker was. i was so tickled because it could look right up and see him. he was eloquent. he was not pushy. it was a tremendous experience because like you say there was a certain tension because of what could happen. there was such track quality and peace you could not believe it. >> hannah was only 30 when she heard dr. king speak your -- her e. one and herfeeling family to witness that pivotal moment. -- not the only one in her family to witness that pivotal m
luther king jr.'s march on washington, d.c. and his famous i have a dream speech. days before that speech he appeared on nbc's "meet the press," and this weekend nbc news will re-air the interview unedited and in its entirety. meet the press moderator david gregory hosts a special edition. david joins us now, tell us about that 1963 interview. what stands out for you as you watch it? >> well, what is striking is to be able to go back in time and to see this played out, to see dr. king in this form on a program that i love so much, but in that context, 1963 was such a tumultuous time. that was the backdrop for the march on washington. the fear of demonstrations in the streets and violence associated with the march on washington which did not do you mean pass. meg had been murdered, you had fire hoses turn theed on people in birmingham. you had all of this as a backdrop to this appearance on "meet the press," ultimately to the speech. and so you hear from dr. king in this interview, some of those themes. he wanted to speak to the largely white audience and you saw watching on television to
-san rafael. >>> happening right now crowds are beginning to gather in washington, d.c. for the commemoration for the march on washington. this is a live picture of the memorial on the national mall. back on august 28th, 1963, 250,000 people took part in the march on washington for jobs and freedom. at noon today president obama will speak from the same spot. >> that is pretty special. it's nice to be here. it's nice to have my kids here. >> bill clinton and jimmy carter among the speakers today. along with oprah winfrey and jamie foxx. >>> a nonprofit group called d.c. 2024 is hosting a campaign to host the summer games in the washington-baltimore area. supporters predict the cost will be much lower because the area already has prime facilities. >> we won't have to build many new facilities for our olympics. the idea is we are already a leg up. >> other american cities mentioned as possibly bidding for the games include san francisco, los angeles, san diego, philadelphia, and boston. >>> coming up a controversial ban targeting soda, sugary drinks, and even whole milk. the bay area city that
, steve. >> reporter: good evening. organizers say 100,000 people came here to washington today, most including president obama believe we have come a long way in our nation. it is still divided by race but nowhere near as badly as we were when dr. martin luther king jr. delivered his speech here in washington in 1963. 50 years later marching in washington again was ducky burris. less emotional this time. >> now i'm 77. >> reporter: is it because things are better now? >> things are better in some areas. >> reporter: half a century later on this day as the crowd gathered in the rain at the lincoln memorial only 54% of americans believe the dream has been achieved. only 21% of african-americans do. congressman john lewis is the sole surviving speaker from '63. >> 50 years later we can ride anywhere we want to ride, we can say what we want to say. those lines that say whites and colored are gone. >> reporter: all eyes were on america's first black president. barack obama did not descend from slaves but to many he is a realization of king's dream. >> because they marched city councils ch
. >>> to washington d -- dc here is what the capitol looks leak bathed in light with no one around. quite different from 10 hours ago. a bell tolled at exactly 3:00 eastern time to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the march on washington and martin luther king, junior's legendary "i have a dream" speech. tens of thousands of people converge owed the capitol to take part. president obama celebrated people who work every day to keep king's dream alive. >> everyone who realizes the glorious patriots knew on that day that change does not come from washington, but to washington. change has always been built on our willingness. we, the people who take on the citizenship, you are marching. >> martin luther king, junior's granddaughter stole the show today. yolanda kept her cool as the president took a moment to talk with her. before that she helped ring the bell that you just havered -- you just heard a moment ago. >>> from 50 years ago in washington to more than 70 years ago in the bay area, take a look at what some of our abc7 news viewers found in the wall of their home as they were undergoing a con
with a lawsuit claiming trump university is making false promise autos remembering the march on washington. nearly 50 years later two residents share stories and yes honey? dad told me that cheerios is good for your heart, is that true? says here that cheerios has whole grain oats that can help remove some cholesterol, and that's heart healthy. [ dad ] jan? ♪ >>> secretary of state kerry delivered the obama administration's sharpest condemnation yet to last week's apparent chemical attack in syria, blaming the assad regime for at tack saying the administration will hold the syrian government accountable. syria rejected the regime's denial of responsibility. >> make no mistake. president obama believe there's must be a a.ktibility for those who would use the world's most heinous weapons against the world's most vulnerable people. nothing todz is more serious, nudging is receiving more serious scrutiny. >> kerry says the u.s. is now conferring with world leaders about a appropriate response. >>> a second teenager is in custody for the fatal beating of an 88-year-old world war ii veteran. h
in the united states. >> also, celebrating the beginning of a dream: live in washington, dc, making a milestone in the fight for civi >> covering novato,," sunnyvale and all bay area this is abc7 news. >> today is the 50th anniversary of a watershed moment in our in addition's history. in 1963 a march and a speech by dr. martin luther king jr. led to a quantum leap in civil rights. we are joined from the lincoln memorial in washington, dc, with dead's commemoration. >> today is about the past and the fight. thousands will come here to honor the freedom marchers who stood at the very spot 50 years ago today and will hear a message of the future and hope from the nation's first black president, president obama. >> 50 years ago today, they poured into washington, by the bus loads, a march of tens of thousands, black and white, to the monument of the president would freed the slaves. their signs and voices demanding racial equality. today a celebration of progress at the lincoln memorial and a call to action on new challenges, three american presidents: jimmy carter, bill clinton and barack obama s
the march on washington, has martin luther king's dream come true? >> they marched on washington today. the one day while the congress, the country, and the world watched, they took over the nation's capital in the name of civil rights. what was its impact on the real washington-- that is, the washington that governs the united states of america? in the lead, martin luther king, the man hailed today above all the others. >> i still have a dream. it is a dream deeply rooted in the american dream. i have a dream. >> schieffer: today, we'll talk about king's dream and the state of race relations with some prominent american american leaders, including former secretary of state colin
. one woman in the crowd marched in washington herself 50 years ago. she says, in her view, there has been significant progress, but a lot more needs to be done. >> the march on washington will also be on the agenda for face the nation today. colin powell joins bob schieffer. that's on face the nation starting at 8:30, right here on kpix 5. >>> still ahead, what san francisco has left to do to live up to the "i have a dream" speech. >>> and the action san francisco may be taking against nevada for dumping mentally ill patients here. >>> and a shark. >> yikes! >>> in the weather department, it's a misty start to your sunday morning. we'll have the entire forecast for you, right after a break. these are the hands a pediatrician. these are pioneering advances in heart surgery. and these are developing groundbreaking treatments for cancer. they're the hands of the nation's top doctors. kaiser permanente doctors. and though they are all different, they work together on a single mission: saving lives. discover how we are advancing medicine at re-opening to swimming and surfing today
on washington and one of the most historic speeches of all time. dr. martin luther king jr. 's i have a dream speech. president obama was among the thousands who gathered on the national mall in washington to honor those who marched and thought for civil rights. here in the bay area, kron 4's haaziq madyun caught up with someone who was there for the original gathering and marched back in 1963. >> yes. >> reporter: you are look at a newspaper clipping photo of the legendary former oakland parts and recks supervisor paterson. taken when he was at the historic march on washington. >> king was a catalyst. >> reporter: on this 50th anniversary of king's i have a dream speech, patterson reflects on being there that monumental day. >> you think all these folk are going to washington. am i going to go to? nothing kept me back. >> reporter: nothing held back patterson who developed such great oakland sports luminaries like kirk flood and bill russell. always inspiring others, however, patterson says it was king who inspired him as he it is on the board of directors on the east bay municipal utility d
of the march on washington and dr. martin luther king jr.'s famous "i have a dream" speech. yesterday, thousands of people gathered at the lincoln memorial to honor that legacy. >> i like you continue to feel his presence. i, like you, continue to hear his voice crying out in the wilderness. >> king's oldest son told the crowd his father's vision for america is unfinished. he called for stricter gun control, immigration reform, and economic relief for people of color. >> i have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. i have a dream. >> an audience of more than 200,000 people witnessed this speech on the national maul on august 28th, 1963, three days before he made an important appearance on nbc's "meet the press." david gregory spoke about that. >> it's referencing and seeing this on "meet the press" and 50 years later, talking about what the dream meant then, what does the american dream mean now, not just in civil rights and equality for african-americans, but a
, and then the third thing, deterrents. i have to say, i lived in washington, d.c. compared to new york city, bob, i would much rather be in new york city, much safer place than d.c. >> what is integral. >> are you kidding me? integral. you have to have it. >> i didn't know. >> remind us not to partner with you in scrabble. >> i don't even play scrabble. >> i played this weekend. >> did you? >> i did. >> first off, the reason why new york works and the other cities don't is because new york is better at it, they're not profiling nationality and color of skin, doing behavior. what they're doing is when you stop 5 million people, only have 10% result in arrest, good job. because what you're saying is you are deterring people from walking out with a piece because they could get stopped. they could say i am not going into that building, i don't like the behavior leading up to that. nypd will get in your face, say excuse me, can i talk to you a second. they will talk and search. real quick, rudy giuliani got us on the way, unbelievable progress, i witnessed it, 42nd street looked totally different. there
shoulder from children's national medical center in northwest washington, according to the police. the two young boys were there with a social worker who were concerned the boys might have been abused. jennifer donelan has more on what happened and what she found out about the mother's past. jen? >> maureen, that possible child investigation is the part the authorities cannot speak on at the time. they cannot tell us if the children were being physically abused, and if so who was doing the abusing. what happened yesterday when the mother showed up at the hospital began in all out area manhunt. in the midst of an investigation into possible child abuse, this 27-year-old woman is accused of stealing her own sons away from children's national medical center. police sources say the two boys, ages five and 10, wherein the custody of a social worker from the child services agency when they were kidnapped. >> me and my daughter pulled up to bring my grandson to the emergency room and there were a bunch of police cars. >> police sources say the social worker brought the boy to the hospital for val
are still working to repair the washington monument as a result of that quake. cost estimates have reached $15 million. the monument is slated to reopen next spring but repairs at the cathedral will take ten years to complete. > 50 years ago next week 250,000 people gathered for the march on washington. one of the largest rallies in american history was the 1963 civil rights march on washington. it culminated with the i have a dream speech. tens of thousands of people are now gathering in our nation's capital 50 years late tore commemorate the historic event next wednesday. >> it is important to be here because of what it means and because of the things that are going on in the world today. >> a new survey found that the wealth and income gaps between african-americans and whites have increased since the 1960's. >> one group headed to the washington mall in d.c. tomorrow stopped by baltimore today. they hope to bring attention to people struggling 50 years after the march in washington. >> a group made a stop on a bus tour today. they showed some of the i city's youth how to tell their sto
and line up at the podium. ~ you will each have two minutes to speak. jeantel washington. keith ward, and carl walter [speaker not understood]. >>> hi, good evening. i have a letter addressed to the board that -- >> i'm sorry, your name? >>> sure, my name is carl walter. i'm an organizer for service employees international, united service workers west, and we represent 40,000 security officers, janitors, airport service workers, and an allied entertainment division across the state of california. i'd like to thank you for allowing me the time to speak to you this evening. and begin by acknowledging the enormous responsibility that all of you share to ensuring the quality of education for the children of san francisco and to have a brighter future for tomorrow. i'm here tonight this evening to talk to you about the contract for security services that went out to bid recently in the district. the district has utilized security services for over 12 years. securitaz is a union company. the union has worked for over a decade in san francisco and across the bay area to improve standards fo
recess. president obama is in washington today, scheduled with meetings with senior advisers. are on alert after terror warnings from the state department and terror officials. you'll get more on that this morning. we want to focus on the top federal budget questions that congress will have to address when it returns next month. today,ominent voices including david petraeus, are calling for a compromise. and eric cantor went on one of the sunday on one of talk shows to tell what his view might look like. we want to ask you whether you believe a copper rises possible and how much copper mines would you be ok with? the phones are open. republicans can call at yashin that -- republicans can call at -- you can also catch up with us on all of your favorite social atia sites or e-mail us a good monday morning to you. i want to take you to the opinion piece by david petraeus and a senior fellow at the brookings institution. this is in "usa today." the headline -- that is the opinion piece in "usa today." eric cantor went on fox news sunday to talk about the idea
is adjusting to life in washington with the exception of one thing. >> a break -- >> on "cbs this morning." >> pope benedict tosaid god tol him to retire. i was thinking it's a good thing god's not talking to alex rodriguez. >>> welcome to "cbs this morning." norah o'donnell is off. good morning, gayle. >> good morning, charlie. >> we begin with the wildfire outside yosemite park, growing at an alarming rate. 1 it is one of 55 major wildfires burning in the western united states. >> our sacramento station is west of yosemite. you've been covering this region for years. have you ever seen anything like this? >> reporter: i have not. residents around here haven't either. they said it's been since 1987 they've seen a fire even approaching something like this, that this one is burning much more quickly and much stronger as well. about 300 hopes evacuated after governor brown declared a state of emergency in california. the rim fire, burning about a week or so, remains only 1% contained. firefighters worked through the night to battle the flames. in the last 24 hours, the fire nearly quadruple
honoring the the on washington, dc. there is a high profile guest list for the event. >> good morning at 6:00 on wednesday. mike nicco is here with a look at the forecast. still tracking fog, minor improvement in napa and half mile in santa rosa and the rest of us have a low ceiling this morning, and flight arrival delays are likely. we will watch it. the next 12 hours around the bay are foggy and misty and a cooler 72 at 4:00 and the clouds return at 7:00 and 68. the day planner is foggy up north and 58 and mild and sunny and 77 by noon and 85, a couple of degrees cooler than yesterday and a pleasant evening in the low-to-mid 70's and fog at the coast and mid-50's and partly sunny, low-to-mid 60's at the beaches this afternoon. we have a stalled vehicle on the span of the golden gate bridge but everyone is moving fine from marin county to san francisco. not a bad drive out there as we take you to san jose we have a report of a crash involving a car versus a bicyclist southbound 101 at the actually road off-ramp and it is looking stop-and-go north of 280 and 680, and the golden gate bridge
to address the threat. bob orr in washington with new information. bob, good morning. >> good morning. the u.s. is moving now on multiple front. overnight a drone strike killed four suspected militants in yemen. at the same time intelligence analysts working around the clock pressing for details about the potential threat and new defense measures put in place. security tightened around new york city landmarks and at some of the nation's airports. overseas officials are on guard for potential truck bombs that could be used against large buildings like embassies. sources say the threat emerged last week when intelligence analysts intercepted communication between ayman al zawahiri and al wuhayshi, the leader in the peninsula. according to sources, urged to step up against u.s. targets vaguely urging something big. communications had a sense of urgery. the one-time personal secretary to osama bin laden runs the yemen-based branch of al qaeda. his group, aqap has proven to be the most aggressive in plotting against american targets. they are home to an explosives expert who targeted u.s.-bound a
against u.s. military intervention. >>> marking the 50th anniversary of the march on washington. the pressure on president obama as he takes the podium today. >>> good morning. right now traffic is getting busier all over the bay area including on highway 4 coming up to the willow pass grade. we will tell you where the traffic trouble spots are. >>> and in weather right now a layer of warm air compressing the marine layer. the net result dense fog that could effect your morning commute. we'll highlight the warmest day of the week and the changes you can expect for the holiday weekend. >>> these are live pictures of interfaith memorial service. if i'm not mistaken, this is dr. martin luther king's daughter. his youngest daughter. i'm going to check that. let's listen for just a second. >> as we go forward, we go forward in the spirit and in the strength and in the tradition of our four parents. understanding that without our faith, we will not be successful. and so we are called here today to remember, to reflect, and to commemorate the prophet, the pastor, the spiritual leader,
overseas, washington and new york are stepping up security as a precaution. brian mooar, nbc news, washington. >>> coming up next, a shift in power in iran, could be a big change in the country's nuclear ambitions. >>> bay area gas stations won bragging rights this weekend, a lucky powerball player who bought a tick threat won quite a bit more than that we will show you. >>> and we are watching low clouds spilling back across san francisco, which will bring us some drizzle as we head into tomorrow morning and it could also bring temperatures that are even cooler than the ones we are seeing outside right now. pretty mild this time of year. look at your 7-day forecast when we come right back. [ female announcer ] when you asked us to remove high fructose corn syrup from yoplait original and light, we were like, "sure. no problem!" and you were like, "thanks, but what about thick & creamy and whips!" and we were like, "done and done! now it's out of everything yoplait makes." and you were all, "yum!" and we're like, "is it just us, or has this been a really good conversation?" and yo
you for your time. >>> good evening, everyone. my name is jontel washington also seiu service workers west. i want to reemphasize and spell out a bit more some of the points that my colleague carl just made. so, the issue here is that we've been having a back and forth with abc security and we have not gotten any clear response from them in the way of abiding by the terms of the collective bargaining agreement. that is to say, maintaining the officers from the incumbent contractor securitas, maintaining wage rates, benefits, and seniority. and i want to emphasize here that you've been through this process with abc in the past. this just happened three years ago, almost the exact same situation where abc security came in as the lowest bidder over securitas, over other union bidders, an extraordinarily low bid. we were at that time worried likewise that they might not work the contract at union rates. we have the same concern now and i think a handful of you were on the board at that time. for those who weren't, to give a little bit of background there, abc had this back and forth with
. >>> san jose marked the 50th anniversary of martin luther king jr.'s march on washington with a march and rally of its own. not only honoring king but calling for better and more jobs. a few of today's participants were part of the history ex-march on washington and say that day changed their lives forever. >> my mother said that, of course, she was concerned about me going and so my uncle said he would go with me, because my uncle went with me, that's the only reason i got to go to the march. i'm proud i got to go to the march and make that my life long ambition to always try to see out for people who don't have voice and also to be involved in what's going on. >> speakers including uc berkeley sociologist and civil rights activist and one of my teachers at cal, dr. harry edwards. nbc bay area will reair the "meet the press" interview from 50s ago. watch our special edition, remembering the dream, sun morning at 7:30, here on nbc bay area. well, it's down to one more win to secure a spot in the american's cup final. lauren scott at america's cup park where team new zealand is close t
it's another high-powered offense. >> you stay in washington, back-to-back there away. and talks second half. >> real quickly, we're running out of time. but as you said, two years ago, maybe you snuck up on people last year. probably not so much this year. september 5th, our first xfinity sunday. thanks for watching. >>> good evening. we've on a special time because of sunday night football. we'll have more on the 49ers game a bit later in this newscast. but, first, more violence in oakland. four people are recovering after being shot in east oakland. two of the victims are children, a 12-year-old girl and an 8-year-old girl. the shooting happened in the middle of the day just before 2:30 this afternoon. kimberly? >> reporter: diane, police are still searching for the suspect or suspects in this case. streets were blocked off as police investigated the incident which left a man, a woman, an 8-year-old girl and a 12-year-old girl injured. all have been taken to local hospitals. oakland police was busy at the crime scene but just stop today give us an update on the 12-year-old's c
chemical attack in syria as washington moves one step closer to military action. we are live with the latest. >>> growing concerns. a raging wildfire shows no signs of slowing down this california, and it could soon start affecting the water supply of an entire city. >>> hit-and-run on the racetrack. a driver takes out the pit crew costing him the race. who is really to blame? >>> the reunion, the performances and the outfits. we have the good, the bad and the ugly, the very ugly, on the mtv video music awards. ♪ >>> good morning, everyone. we begin with the mounting crisis in syria pushing the u.s. one step closer to military action. >> as the u.n. weapons inspections team today heads to the site of an apparent chemical weapons attack, last week the u.s. was considering its military options. abc's devin dwyer has the very, and he has latest from washington. >> reporter: good morning, diana and john. that's right, u.s. officials are in the midst of urgent consultations over syria. there is a growing consensus something has to be done. as for when, one official told abc news
. it has already received more than $2 million -- more than 2 million views. >>> to washington d -- dc here is what the capitol looks leak bathed in light with no one around. quite different from 10 hours ago. a bell tolled at exactly 3:00 eastern time to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the march on washington and martin luther king, junior's legendary "i have a dream" speech. tens of thousands of people converge owed the capitol to take part. president obama celebrated people who work every day to keep king's dream alive. >> everyone who realizes the glorious patriots knew on that day that change does not come from washington, but to washington. change has always been built on our willingness. we, the people who take on the citizenship, you are marching. >> martin luther king, junior's granddaughter stole the show today. yolanda kept her cool as the president took a moment to talk with her. before that she helped ring the bell that you just havered -- you just heard a moment ago. >>> from 50 years ago in washington to more than 70 years ago in the bay area, take a look at what some of
. a >>> edward snowden's father is sounding off and criticizing washington. he said he obtained the papers necessary to visit snowden in russia and said where the former analyst will remain for the foreseeable future. brian mooar has the story. >> reporter: the father of edward snowden says the nsa leaker isn't headed back to the united states because he won't get a fair trial. >> as a father i want my son dome home if i believed the justice system that we should be afforded as americans will be applied correctly. >> reporter: until then he said he'll visit his son in russia. snowden's temporary asylum there has chilled russia-u.s. relations and the political fur error here at home shows no signs of cooling off. before leaving for his vacation on martha's vineyard, president obama said he had already been moving the nsa towards more transparentscy and accountability. >> i don't think mr. snowden was a patriot. >> he betrayed his oath of office. a young generation believe he's a jason bourne. >> reporter: nsa wants a stronger defense from the president. >> he failed to explain these program
government and morsi supporters. karen travers, abc news, washington. >>> same-sex marriages will continue in california. that's after the supreme court denied a last ditch appeal of supporters of proposition 8. in june as you know the u.s. supreme court cleared the way for same-sex marriage to resume in california. opponents said the ruling should apply only to the two couples who actually took the case to the high court. >>> san francisco's board of appeals handed a small victory to a men's clothing store trying to open in the mission district. neighbors and merchants say jack spade is a national chain with 11 or more stores across the u.s. san francisco law requires special hearings before chains can open in certain neighborhoods and that includes part of the intermission where a permit has been approved for a jack spade store. >> this area is like a wildlife preserve. it is designated a safe zone for small business. >> looking forward to it. i think it will improve the block. i can't wait. >> jack spade claims it is a small independent retailer even though it is owned by liz claiborne.
a washington's driver's license. pg&e is out here right now. this is is 101 southbound. so traffic does not seemed to be impacted at this point. everything is off to the shoulder. that is as far as we know. we will keep you updated. live from san rafael i'm tara moriarty. >>> also this morning we are keeping a close eye on the fire from yosemite. that fire has already burned more than 63,000 acres. now firefighters say they are losing ground. claudine wong joins us. >> reporter: over night has been a critical time for these crews. crews have been out all night trying to get ahead of this fire. when cal fire lost talked their crew they were hoping for containment overnight because the fire lays down over night. we should get an update to see if they were able to make fres i want to you you -- the so- called rim fire has tripled in size in the past few days. it's burned more than $63,000 acres. containment has slipped from 5% to 1%. the fire has destroyed two homes and threatening 2500 others. >> it is what it is. yeah. >> are you prepared your home might be gone when you go back? >> yes.
up, new arrival. >> we get our first look at the latest attract at the national zoo in washington, dc. >> we will take you back to washington, dc, where president obama is getting set to hand the nation's highest military on, the medal of honor, to staff sergeant ty carter, antioch native >> the governor is meeting with firefighters at the base camp in tuolumne camp and being briefed by a state and federal fire and emergency official, the rim fire having reached 150,000 acres, roughly the size of the city chicago. it is only 15 percent contained. >> we will switch gears and let you have a look at the newest addition at the national zoo in washington, dc. >> the smithsonian which runs the zoo provides this picture of the cub which received a clean bill of health. the panda weighs 4.5 ounces. >> doesn't look like a panda yet but the fur will grow in the next few months. >> thanks for join us. [cheers and applause] >> hello, everybody, and welcome to millionaire. a big thank you to my hunky oscar escort, anders. it is millionaire's "countdown to the oscars" week, and we have gone truly h
in celebrations to mark the 50th anniversary of the march on washington. the trio will join president obama and former presidents bill clinton and majority, tomorrow at the tribute at the lincoln memorial. the let freedom ring commemoration remembers dr. dr. martin luther king jr. i have a dream speech with musical performances. >> in san francisco, plain clothe police will wear cameras during property certain. the project comes after questionable drug raids at residential hotels in 2011. the prosecution dropped dozens of cases after footage from the hotel security prompted allegations the officers lied of the circumstances of drug searches and arrests. police were also accused of stealing from suspects. the cameras will be warn on their chest. >> oakland police, the c.h.p., and the coast guard and other bay area agencies have joined forces to clean out the oakland estuary. dozens of officers gathered at jack london square boarding boats and will patrol the waters looking for abandoned or illegal boats and anything el in the estuary they deem "dangerous." >> mike nicco is ahead with the for
. >> 50 years ago today that thousands of activists marched on washington and heard martin luther king's i have a dream teach which are commemorated today in the nation's capitol. in 1963 hundreds of thousands descended peacefully on washington to hear king's movie famous speech, the refrain "let freedom ring" will be observed by the ringing of bells at noon, our time. >> perhaps by then the mist and the clouds we have this morning will have dissipated with us this morning. right? >> especially around the bay bridge. we will check with mike for a look at the forecast. >> you drove up into the clouds and ran into the mist. temperatures this morning because of the clouds are up compared to yesterday from one degree in oakland and san francisco and mountain view to five in san jose and santa rosa. we will look at the temperatures, we have 61 if san francisco, and san carlos and oakland and mountain view and live moore and 60 in concord and hayward. 63 in santa rosa and san jose and 65 in antioch, and the north bay and 9 coast are coolest. the next 12 hours we will have mist and fog through 7:
day. today marks the 50th anniversary of the march on washington and dr. martin luther king jr.'s famous "i have a dream speech." >> free at last. free at last. thank god almost we are free at last! >> that speech delivered on the steps of the lincoln memorial august 28, 1963. today, thousands will gather to remember that day. a mash of planned through downtown washington. later a program featuring speeches from three presidents, jimmy carter, bill clinton, president obama. dr. king's family will be there for the commemoration. >> groupon making new moves as it tries to get head to head with am ma ma done. >> good morning. >> good morning. futures higher after the markets tanked tuesday on worries of the increasing possibility of a u.s. military strike in syria. dow closing at its lowest level since june. nas sadaq had its worst day in months. gold jumping. oil continues to surge trading near $110 a barrel today. syria does have little oil but traders fear a military intervention could lead to instability in the east and possibly disrupt the flow of crude from the region. the d
to coincide with the 50 anniversary of the mark on washington. now i'm not sure if anyone from san francisco went to the conference it was last weekend at the chicago state university. i want to put out a call to the churches and the synagogues and the item he lives and the mosques. august 8th of this next month to gather our people to listen to the announcements and talk to the young in the black communities. we want to start with that day as being non-violent. recently we've had a rash of violence. it's going back to before i had taken my job and it's at a critical point. i know that supervisor breed and cowen understand how that is that. we figure if we can have no killing for one day. have a nice vacation and i'll pray for you you're traveling grace. take care of >> are there any other members of the community. seeing none, general public comment is closed. madam clerk read our adoption calendar >> a single role will enact those matters and a matter can be severed. colleagues i'd like to sever item 67 arrest let's take a roll call on the balance of the calendar >> adoption calendar. >
for the rest of the season, what happens after that we'll just have to wait and see. >> washington ktvu channel 2 news. >>> last year johnny manziel is accusing of accepting thousands of dollars for signing. . the school is investigating and the coach says they'll take a wait attitude before commenting. >>> tomorrow marks the debut of an art racing team in the chal languager races. almost three months after the accident that killed andrew bart simpson. the winner o f the semi finals series going onto face the new zealand team. >>> former 50 cents was in the courtroom today in los angeles. the charges come from an incident of his ex girlfriend and mother of his child reported that he had kicked her during an argument. he's due back in court september 4th. >>> the washington post newspaper is being sold. the paper reports will pay $250 million for the publication. the post is famous on reporting o f the -- the sale is expected to be complete in about 60 days. >>> apple share of the tablets computer market have fallen by half in the past year. apple has 32% of the second quarter market
and defense secretary chuck hagel will meet with their russian counterparts in washington on friday. >> brown: was the president right to cancel the meeting? and where does this leave u.s.- russian relations? stephen sestanovich teaches international diplomacy at columbia university. he served in the state department during the reagan and clinton administrations. dimitri simes is president of the center for the national interest. he just returned from a trip to russia where he met with senior russian officials. welcome to both of you. stephen sestanovich was it the snowden asylum in the end that led to this and do you think it was the right move. >> i think it was a key factor in the decision but it wasn't the most important issue. what it did was force the administration to take careful stock of where the relationship stood. what's going on they had to ask, and is this meeting going to be a loser. i think they were right to conclude it was going to be a loser. that it was going to be a waste of time, at best, and at worst. >> brown: you told one of our producers earlier today you think pres
obama is back in washington dc tonight following a 2 day southern california visit. >> as part of a package, you could see fannie and freddie reform that protects taxpayers puts home owners on a more stable footing. >> before returning to washington, president obama visited with marines and families at camp pend will continue. >>> the white house is canceling plans to meet with putin in moscow next month. according to a white house official, president obama still plans to meet at an economic summit. >>> usher is >>> contractor was able to free the boy and was giving the child cp rwhen the paramedics arrived. step son last night died following a boating accident. >>> authorities are issuing an alert tonight for a exam the caller claims to be from the clearing house telling you you've won a prize. he asked her for more money and that's when she called ktv uchannel 2 news. we were there when he called back today. >> why are you try to go exam her for more. >> i'm not try to go exam her. clearing house says they never call, they never ask for money, but you are doing that. >> the c
and the washington -- grand canyon and the washington monument and everything that what happened when we shut down government, the american people will react in a negative fashion and will blame congress. there are some of my colleagues in the hopkinson at that say we have to repeal obama care if we're going to raise the debt limit. my friends, that does not work. i want to repeal obamacare. it happens to be the way i voted, but it is not the way it will happen. we do not have 67 votes in the united states senate, which was what would be required to override a presidential veto. and so, i think it is not a right approach. what i do want to continue this repeal parts of obamacare, which are very onerous and are very harmful in my view to healthcare in america. i do not know what is going to happen, but i believe we will not shut down the government. i believe it is time the american people are heard they want us to sit down together and avoid what is turning into every year or every two years that we threatened people like you. it contributes -- i joke about the congress, but i am not proud of that
at 1:00. the chp says the victim is a 30- 35 man from san pablo bay with a washington's driver's license. he was taken to hairing general hospital. the man is driving a work van but authorities don't know where he was headed. the doors to the vehicle are so jammed so these drews are able to search inside for any cruels. mg a is out right now. the van marked the pole straight up over the ground but the fires have remained in tact. no electricity has been caught you have to anyone. right now traffic on highway 101 southbound again near the parkway is flowing very nicely. live from san rafael i'm tara moriarty. >>> this morning -- it has tripled in size in the past few but -- claudine wong joins us now. >> reporter: daybreak is approaching but we still have time for crews to use the dark to get ahead of this thing. the overnight hours are critical when you talk about potential progress. the rim fire has tripled in size. it's burned more than 63,000 acres. containment 5% now down to 1%. the fire has already destroyed two homes and threatening 2500 others. let's talk about strategy
on washington. how organizers say the civil rights battle has changed since martin luther king junior made his i have a dream speech. >> a critical meeting as the united states considers it's next step in syria and what the navy is now doing in that area as tensions rise around the alleged use of chemical weapons. >> first let's go out to the east shore freeway. traffic is moving along there. the highway patrol is clearing a deadly accident right now. that accident has the eastbound on-ramp shut down. we will keep an eye on that for you you're watching mornings on two. goodnight. thanks, olivia. thank you. so you can make a payment from your cell to almost anyone's phone or email. (speaking french) so you can express your gratitude... in the moment. chase quickpay. so you can. . >>> it's a partly cloudy start over south san francisco this morning. temperatures in the upper 50s outside your door >> and we want to show you what's happening now in the nation's capitol. as you can see people gathering there right now, thousands expected to come together for a march on the national mall in washing
and the note. >> in spokane, washington. hundreds gathered at a vigil in honor of a world war ii veteran beaten to death by two teens. people of all ages - from young kids to fellow veterans - were there to pay tribute to delbert "shorty" belton. the crowd sang god bless the usa and amazing grace. and chanted out u-s-a. about a dozen people spoke at the vigil. family and friends described belton as a kind, sweet and gentle man who would give you the shirt off his back. >> i am really amazed. i didn't know it would go this big, um, but i am so glad. it shows the support of the community. it shows we won't tolerate this. >> he would never ask for anything in return, time, friendship, laughter he'll be greatly missed. he was such a wonderful, wonderful uncle. >> one suspect, 16-year-old demetrius glenn is in custody and facing charges for belton's death. a second suspect remains at- large. amanda knox plans to stay italy. still to come. the governor declares a state of emergency for san francisco as the yosemite fire nears our power andwe talk to a member of the governor's office of emergency serv
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